Artist’s Statement

Stained glass can be the most beautiful of applied arts when used with sensitivity and skill.

It may help if I take a moment to explain the background to my work, and put it in some sort of context for you. I am very fond of a style of painting developed in America called Abstract Expressionism. I have been greatly influenced by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Julian Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and the British artist Patrick Heron. These artists, and others like them helped to pioneer a way of thinking about art, and indeed a way of looking at the world which had previously not been considered. They began to combine elements together that had previously been held apart.

This freedom of thinking would manifest itself in paintings which combined high art with popular culture, the classical with the contemporary, the old with the new, and it helped to shape many aspects of modern culture, (film, theatre, literature) which we all enjoy today. The influence of modern art on contemporary thinking and contemporary culture has been considerable. I want to bring the influence of modern art to stained glass. As a consequence, when I develop a design for a new commission I look for ways of creating visual solutions which are contemporary rather than traditional. Great care is taken to ensure my designs are sympathetic to the environment into which they are placed.

Derek Hunt BA FMGP ACR

For more detailed information please down load the “SELECTED WORKS” PDF