First Prize in “West End” competition for new artwork

Its great when a plan comes together! I was thrilled to win the commission to design a 35 sq. m glass screen for St. Lawrence Church in Alton, Hampshire. The project is due to be completed in the new year, and I’m using similar techniques as were used with TOTEM in the John Rylands Library Manchester.  The design is based on a visual representation of the rich history of the church, and there are a number of visual references within the design including terracotta floor tiles sourced from the local museum which punctuate the screen at low level, with a large version of one of the stone capitals illustrating a wolf like creature. There are also references to three of the shields on the stone font, the map of Alton of 1666, a Civil War suit of armour, the children of St. Lawrence primary school, and to the men of Alton who picked hops.

Proposed design for architectural glass design to pod at St Lawrence Church, Alton