New Churches Conservation Trust Commission

I’ve recently started an interesting new commission for the Churches Conservation Trust. The project involves designing a series of stained glass windows in five churches in Lincolnshire. The commission is part of a new initiative called the “ArChWay Project”.

The project is designed to increase visitor numbers by developing the churches as a resource for local artists and arts groups and by opening visitors eyes to the amazing original art – carvings, wall paintings and stained glass, within the buildings.  The churches will be offered as venues for arts or literature groups to meet, to hold exhibitions and to stage music, dance or theatre events.

At the moment I am spending time researching this fascinating topic by meeting and talking with local people in the area, gathering information on the mythology of this part of Lincolnshire, its history, local folklore, and rich heritage, in order to develop a sense of place.

This will eventually culminate in the designing of five stained glass windows in five churches which will act as a sort of treasure trail, helping to lead visitors from one church to the next. Stay tuned for more info as it develops!