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NHS Royal Victoria Hospital, Edinburgh


Artist's Statement +/-

The Flow of Life

Artist’s impression of glass sculptures, using 10mm glass cut into complex leaf forms, combined with digital printing. Design contains abstracted images of some of the animal life encountered along the Leith river bank, including roe deer, heron and fresh water trout.

The text of the poem follows the undulations of the River Leith as it flows through the city of Edinburgh. The interplay of text with colour, reflection and transparency help create a life affirming work.

The Kingfisher spies a tasty catch,
a lightning snatch from branch to snack,
the rustle and shimmer of a canopy in green.
Fresh water trout dart and flash beneath gossamer silk,
the chatter of pebbles caressed by watery fingers,
as dappled light flows through country then city and out to sea…