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St Lawrence Church, Alton

Artist's Statement +/-

The glazed screen to the front facade of the new kitchen, WC and Vestry is designed to be a delicate and subtle work of art which seeks to connect the new pod structure to the existing building, the past to the present, and offers a moment of reflection from the busy world outside. The design utilises a restricted palette of colours to harmonise with the surrounding vernacular colour scheme of the church interior. The artwork is a delicate membrane of shifting colours and textures, which wraps itself around the outer facade of the lightweight pod, and alludes to moments of significance in the long history of St. Lawrence Church.
In more detail, the glass screen uses a subtle arrangement of autumnal yellow ochre, amber, terracotta browns, and pale blue/green, which move in gestured brush strokes to create intervals of interest across the oval wall of the pod. There are a number of visual references within the design including terracotta floor tiles sourced from the local museum which punctuate the screen at low level, with a large version of one of the stone capitals illustrating a wolf like creature. There are also references to three of the shields on the stone font, the map of Alton of 1666, a Civil War suit of armour, the children of St. Lawrence primary school, and to the men of Alton who picked hops.

As the entire screen will not be seen from any vantage point inside the church the artwork is designed to be viewed in sections without the need for a central focal point.
The 17 no. flat glass panels measuring approximately 700mm by 2900mm are to be fabricated in two pieces of 6mm toughened clear low iron glass, laminated together with a digital interlayer, together with antique hand made glass bonded to the front face at intervals. The panels are to be fitted to the pod by others as specified by the architect, using a simple shuffle glaze system of top and bottom mounted brackets to support the weight of each panel which is estimated to be approximately 70kg each.

Derek Hunt FMGP ACR

A complete statement including panoramic design illustration is available in PDF [272kb] format – St Lawrence Church, Alton – Artist’s Statement (right click to download)