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Guildford Baptist Church


Artist's Statement

 Guildford Baptist Church

The architectural interior space of the chapel is beautifully crafted in its elegant simplicity, with curved ceiling and curved screens hiding windows behind. The use of oak flooring adds warmth and a natural feel, and the enclosed nature of the space lends itself to mediation and reflection. High up in the top corner of the room is the glass cube – a focal point, a beacon of light, and the main source of natural light into the interior.

Here I have created an artwork which utilises this natural light source, modulates it and plays with the ever changing pattern of cloud formations which pass across the glass surface. Reflection, transmission of colour, movement, transparency, sparkling shimmering light – these are some of the elements I employ in the creation of the artwork for the cube, combining the play of natural light with the careful selection of coloured glass composed into a beautiful design to reflect off the oak wood floor and cascade down the white walls into the chapel interior.

The second window within the chapel area is designed as a companion piece to the Cube design. This window is fabricated as a separate glass screen and positioned in front of the existing window. The design and colour scheme of this window is a continuation of the cube design, with similar selection of glass types.

Fabricated in a combination of screen printed and antique glass bonded sections held in position with stainless steel brackets.