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St Peter & St Thomas Becket, Stambourne

Artist's statement +/-

“The Waters of Baptism”

St. Peter & St. Thomas Becket Church is blessed with an abundance of natural light by virtue of the fact that the church has very few stained glass windows. Most notable is the East window containing two early 16th century fragmentary figures of the donors Henry MacWilliam and his wife d.1530. The remaining windows are glazed in a pale green cathedral quarry glass.
In approaching this design I wanted to ensure the new stained glass window would maintain the light values within the interior. The design therefore is characterised by its use of clear antique glass in the background areas, which is balanced by the sparing use of intense colour to accentuate the details within the design. The theme of the design is “The Waters of Baptism” and refers to the location of the window above the baptismal font, and alludes to the watery connection between the countries of America and Great Britain.

The design has been arranged to harmonise with the adjacent lancet windows throughout the church. These original windows are fabricated in quarry antique glass, and the new design echoes these diagonal lines and continues the theme.

Derek Hunt FMGP ACR